• 5 Surprising Ways To Make Money Using Social Media

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    Social media has indeed become one of the widely used medium in making money—heck, it’s never been easier to make a viral video nowadays! Since then, people have taken advantage of the opportunity to unleash their creative side and show the world what they could offer. Who would have thought that one could land a job just by tweeting? Ridiculously surprising, we know.

    We will no longer bore you with a lengthy introduction, so here are some surprising ways to make money on social media:

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  • The Wealth Creation Pyramid

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    The foundations of wealth creationBuilding personal wealth is all about using your money, assets and knowledge to take advantage of opportunities that will enable you to earn more money, acquire more assets and grow your knowledge.
    Financial goals will vary from person to person.  Some people consider themselves wealthy because they live in a big house and drive an expensive car.  Others believe they are wealthy because they no longer have a mortgage and can comfortably pay their bills on time.

    No matter what your financial goals are, the core principles of building wealth are always the same.  I call it the Wealth Creation Pyramid:

    Laying the Foundations for Wealth Creation

    At the base of the pyramid lie the foundations for your wealth creation strategy.  Before you begin to develop your strategy you need to get a clear picture of your current wealth situation and understand the gap between where you currently are and where you would like to be in the future.

    Net Worth

    The first step is to work out your net worth.  This is calculated by a simple formula:

    Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth

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  • The 30 Day Challenge – How To Turn Around Your Finances

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    The 30 Day Challenge To Turn Around Your Finances

    Do you want to:

    • Become debt free
    • Buy a house
    • Pay off your mortgage
    • Take a break from work to travel, work on a volunteer project or learn a new skill
    • Afford your dream wedding

    All this and more can be achieved with the Money Saving Challenge – a simple 30 day program for turning around your finances and re-structuring your life – enabling you to afford the things you really want.

    Perhaps you thought you would never become debt-free or that owning your own home would always be a distant dream?

    The aim of this challenge is to provide you with 30 straightforward steps towards re-structuring and streamlining your life, so that you can achieve your dreams and ambitions.

    Start The Challenge Today

    If you are feeling properly motivated to be able to afford the things you really want, you won’t want to waste any time – so let’s get started.

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  • 10 Rules To Achieving Financial Freedom

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    What is financial freedom? To most people it is having enough money so that they don’t need to worry. To some it’s all about being able to buy that dream house, yacht or car. To others it’s simply to provide a good standard of living for their family.

    Whatever your idea of financial freedom is, there are a number of simple rules that will help you to create and grow wealth, enabling you to have a financially richer and more prosperous lifestyle.

    Rule 1 – Understand Compound Interest

    When banks, building societies and credit card companies lend you money, they will charge interest on the loan – which is how they make their money.

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  • How To Coupon Like A Pro

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    By using free coupons, many people save between 40 and 50 percent every month on their grocery bills alone! Good couponing is a result of leveraging the coupon system, while staying honest.

    It all boils down to a good, sound coupon strategy (free coupons and coupon codes are the way to go, but only if they are free coupons!).

    The following are some coupon areas that are key to focus on, and some that are not. Sounds like a straight forward statement, but there truly are good, and bad strategies when it comes to using coupons and coupon codes.

    This site is dedicated toward sharing the best of those coupon strategies, as well as those that are not so wise.

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  • How To Save Money Shopping Online

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    Come festive season and market is flooded with shopping offers, especially from online shopping sites. With Christmas spirit, shopping is like a ritual. But it is you who is spending money and not these sellers, so don’t swayed by these offers and promotions. They are making money out of your urge to buy new stuff. So it is important to focus on saving money in all of that shopping spree and not get carried away.

    Sellers will always promote their deals as the best deal in the market but it is you, who is responsible for understanding your requirement and making a proper to call whether to buy that or pass.

    How To Save Money When Shopping

    So now we will go through the tips

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