How To Save Money Shopping Online

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Come festive season and market is flooded with shopping offers, especially from online shopping sites. With Christmas spirit, shopping is like a ritual. But it is you who is spending money and not these sellers, so don’t swayed by these offers and promotions. They are making money out of your urge to buy new stuff. So it is important to focus on saving money in all of that shopping spree and not get carried away.

Sellers will always promote their deals as the best deal in the market but it is you, who is responsible for understanding your requirement and making a proper to call whether to buy that or pass.

How To Save Money When Shopping

So now we will go through the tips

Don’t Get Carried Away

As mentioned earlier, don’t get carried away with all these offers everywhere. It is your money and you need to preserve it. Shopping tend to stimulate certain brain areas which result in the feeling of euphoria and that’s why people tend to buy new stuff, even if they don’t need it. You should be a smart shopper and not a shopaholic.

You can use these offers as an opportunity to buy required stuff but only if you don’t try over-kill with these offers. Review each item which you need to buy and ask yourself “why do you want to buy it?”

Do you really need that or you are just looking for an excuse

Smartphones, other electronic items & apparels are one of the most abused categories when it comes to unnecessary shopping. People tend to buy them just because there is a good deal rather than need driven purchases.

If you already have a smartphone which is relatively new and working fine, you don’t need to buy new one just for the sake of these online shopping offers on latest models.

These offers will always be there, end of festive season doesn’t mean that these online shopping sites are going to close shop and go home.

They will come back with new tag lines, offers and promotion. All of these offers around are meant to provoke you, try to save yourself.

Whether its Apple, Microsoft or Google, they will continue to release OS and flagship phones. So if you are feeling compelled to buy iPhone 6S, Google Nexus 6P or latest in line, Microsoft flagship Lumia phones, just because they are new and better from their predecessors, just keep one thing in mind, they will do same next year.

Come next year and you will have a new iPhone, a new phone from every other maker. So there is no point in chasing them. If your old phone is not working any more and you really need to buy a new one, you should go ahead with that purchase. After you make decision to buy something, try to understand your budget.

If your budget is to buy new iPhone 6S, first review last year’s iPhone, iPhone 6 which has got almost similar features and will get OS update also. With the launch of new model, prices of iPhone 6 have gone down and merchants are looking to get rid of old inventory. Therefore you will save good money on the last year’s model rather than the latest one.

Similarly, you can review other models & products and see if there is a similar phone or product in your budget which is economical yet providing similar features and quality.

What Should You Buy

You tend to do redundant shopping following these offers, meaning you buy stuff which you already have and not something new which can add value in your household and provide value.

Common example of redundant object would a mobile phone. As mentioned in last section, you tend to focus too much on phone which is just another one thing which you need.

Focus on other stuff. For examples, winters are here and you will get good discount on summer wear due to reduction in their demand.

So it is a wiser decision to buy summer wear in winter and vice versa, to save money.

Right now market is flooded with offers on literally everything, so you need to spend money on materials which are really required like kitchen or home stuff, which is often ignored but is more important because that is used by entire family.

The amount of money, which you will spend on an expensive phone like iPhone, can be used to buy a premium sofa or bed or collection of kitchen items which will be used by entire family and will add real value to your home.

Right now there are lots of great deals on refrigerators, washing machines, sofas, recliners, bed, bed-sheets, kitchenware & other household stuffs. You should look there instead of just buying old and boring stuff like phone, speakers or pen drives which most probably you already have.

Use Bank Offers

Most of the banks are currently offering cash back offers of up to 10% on these shopping sites. Once you have decided to buy something, it’s better to use appropriate bank’s credit or debit card to get maximum cash back. If a bank is offering 10% cash back, on a purchase of 5000, you will get a cash back of 500 which would be an additional saving of 500 on the top of existing discounts. For example, right now you can save additional 5% with this offer “5% Cash Back from HDFC on HDFC Debit Cards on snapdeal”.

You will find these offers on these shopping sites, so keep looking for them at the time of your purchase.

Compare Prices

Most of the major websites are equally good, they all are selling same stuff. If you are buying a washing machine of a certain brand, it doesn’t matter who delivers it to you. So unless you are buying stuff on these leading shopping sites, you are good and safe.

Do a price compare before making a purchase, sometime you will save really good money just by switching to a different site or retailer.

Ok finally don’t overspend, use your money wisely and online shopping offers to buy right product at right price. Happy shopping……

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