• 5-Page Paper Outline

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    Wondering how to write a 5-page paper outline?

    It can be as easy as ABC, if you look at the five-page paper outline samples below and follow our instructions on how to compose each segment, structuring your thoughts in a logical way.

    Afterwards, scroll to the useful tools that will help you speed up the writing process, if you need to type your 5 page essay fast.

    Let’s start, shall we?

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  • How Long Does It Take to Write a College Essay

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    Students often google how long it takes to write a college application essay and any college paper, generally. Let’s not beat around the bush and discover the exact number of hours, days, or weeks it might take to finish a paper for college (for admission and not only).

    College Application Essay Writing Speed and Guidelines

    How Long It Takes to Write an Application Paper for College

    As a rule, an admissions paper isn’t more than 650 words. It doesn’t seem too long, does it?

    Nevertheless, it may take you as many as two weeks to produce one. Let’s break it down by weeks:

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  • How to Write a College Essay When Your Life Is Boring

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    Seems that your life is humdrum and you’ve got nothing to type about in your essay for college?

    If life’s boredom and monotony are the only two things that have survived in your college dorm room or wherever you are now, no wonder that you’ve come here googling “how to write a college essay if my life is boring”.

    Don’t worry. You’re not alone with this pain. Half of the students start feeling bored out of their minds already from school.

    We’ll help you tackle this problem and give you some valuable academic writing tips. This ultimate guide is packed with actual working ideas on how to type a good college essay, if your life is as boring as ever and nothing new is happening every day.

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  • How To Write A 5 Page Research Paper?

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    A research paper is an extended essay that is, as the name suggests, written about a research topic. It is typically a 10-20 page document that students write in order to demonstrate their understanding of a particular topic and their ability to conduct independent research. In addition to synthesizing the arguments of others, a research paper must also include original argumentation and analysis.

    A research paper can be written on any topic that is of interest to the student. However, it is important to select a topic that is both specific enough to be covered adequately in a 10-20 page paper and broad enough to allow for original research and analysis. In addition, the topic should be one on which there is a significant amount of secondary literature available.

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  • What Happens If You Go Over The Word Limit On College Essay?

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    A word limit in an essay is the number of words that a student is allowed to write. Most colleges have a word limit for essays. First of all you have to realize that word limit is a requirement. Some requirements are very strict, others are not so strict. It is all up to the college. The word limit for an essay is different from the page limit. A page limit is the number of pages that a student is allowed to write. Most colleges have a page limit for essays. One page consists of about 250-275 words. So, if a college has a two-page limit for an essay, that means the student is allowed to write 500-550 words. Also we are talking about double-spaced paper here with the typical 12 pt font.

    The consequences for going over the word limit in an essay are different from college to college. Some colleges will give you a lower grade, while others will not accept your essay at all. It all depends on the policy of the particular college.

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  • How To Get Homework Done

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    Studying is as hard as a full-time job. It requires a lot of concentration, hard work, and in some cases, even devotion. Many students seek opportunities to ease their struggle. And fortunately, today you can get professional homework assistance and be confident that you are on the right path.

    Let’s dive into all the options you have for getting your homework done.

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  • Unexpected Things to Bring to College

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    Do you consider guns to be unexpected things to bring to college?

    Well, they don’t seem quite unusual for the police nowadays. Notwithstanding the fact that practically each of the 4,400 US colleges/universities has imposed a strict ban on carrying weapons on campuses, firearms are frequently brought to dormitories.

    For example, a freshman from High Point University in North Carolina was arrested for bringing two guns to his college dorm. There are thousands of such arrests, actually.

    So, you can’t bring any weapon to college, or drugs, or drug paraphernalia, or any other illegal stuff.

    What are you allowed to bring, then?

    Read this article and learn what you can and should bring to your dormitory to tackle unforeseen challenges that may pop up out of the blue.

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  • Is My Comfort Zone Holding Me Back?

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    If you’re asking this question, chances are you already know the answer.

    The desire for a better life is more or less vibrant in all of us. Life is about growing and discovering new opportunities to express your greatest potential. We tend to want to have better relationships, a financial level that satisfies us, and better health as well as better living conditions. Many times the idea of a better life is not clearly defined in our minds and the path to get there can be even foggier. Plus, this idea is subjective and what is better for you might not be better for your friend or your neighbor, or even your family member.

    But sometimes, too often than not, these dreams of an improved life remain on paper or in our minds but never manifest into reality. So what stays in between our current situation and the life of our dreams?

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  • How To Cool A Dorm Room Without Air Conditioning

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    Wondering how to cool a dorm room without air conditioning (AC)?

    We’ve got this challenge tackled! Grab some actionable tips and tricks on how to make your college dormitory room cooler and avoid the sufferings of living in an unbearably hot place.

    Air conditioning is one of the basic necessities, especially when you live and study in one of the hottest climate zones or when the summer is approaching.

    The bulk of college and university dormitories are old and don’t have in-build air conditioning units. Some may have central air conditioning, but the systems are barely working or not working at all.

    That’s why it’s high time for you to prepare your own survival tools to make your room cooler and avoid the horrible things extreme heat can do to your body. Have a closer look at them in the next paragraphs.

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