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Mac computers are known to possess a powerful computing system which a lot of consumers patronize, especially those who are in the creative industry. In a world where almost everything operates in a fast pace, it cannot be avoided to leave all clutter in your Macs, projects after projects. The next thing you know, your Mac is running out of disk space, begging you to delete duplicate files and other junk to keep it functioning quickly and smoothly.

However, many of Mac users would agree that it’s hard to trust any software that entails cleaning their computers as it is often found out that it may do more harm than easing burden—especially that latest reports say that Mac can now be infected with virus. Consumers nowadays are more careful in choosing products that will help their computers run with ease. Not only they rely on customer reviews online, they would also rely on word-of-mouth recommendations offline. Take their word when they say MacPaw’s products are excellent.

MacPaw was built out of its love for tech to create Mac applications and software that its customers currently enjoy. It has a strong suite of applications that covers not only maintenance, but also cleaning and health of Mac computers. CleanMyMac 3 is one of their most popular products to date.

Easy-to-use Applications
Consumers are ensured that their products are user-friendly just how Apple intended Macs to be. MacPaw has thoughtfully designed its applications in such a way that all of the good stuff it offers are possible with just a single click.

Thorough Cleaning, Guaranteed
According to them, an average person has about 58 gigabytes of junk stored in his computer. Its cleaning software, CleanMyMac, 3 will be able to see through emails, photos, and other installed applications which may have an accumulated cache through an in-depth cleaning. In the same light, Gemini 2 frees up space as it searches of any duplicate files. You will be shocked by how much gigabytes have been stored and removed in your PC through this software. Reviews of these products indicate that it has significantly improved his computer’s processor speed.

Applications Designed To Be Smart And Light
People at MacPaw have developed its software to be smart, so it knows which is safe to remove or not. The user’s sole job is to choose when the cleaning takes place. It can also determine which among the files are the original and the copies through Gemini 2. Furthermore, with CleanMyMac 3, it alerts the user when the computer has reached its limits, such as (but not limited to) high disk temperature and high memory use. Moreover, the user can also conveniently access the computer’s real-time status in its dashboard.

MacPaw’s applications are also made light so it does not add to the bulk your computer is already carrying.

Leave no trails Behind
If you worry about your digital footprint such as your browsing history, or having your confidential files deleted completely, MacPaw’s CleanMyMac 3 can easily take care of that for you. If in case you have deleted a file by mistake, Gemini 2 lets you recover those extra copies of the original one or have them gone for good.

Industry Experts Know And Talk About It
Leading Mac-related blogs have spoken about MacPaw with nothing but praises especially on its flagship product, CleanMyMac 3. It helps built trust with its clients that MacPaw is safe, real, and true to its word.

MacPaw in partnership with
This is what makes different among its competitors: we basically share coupons from most types of companies, even those from tech including MacPaw! We understand that powerful applications may not come cheap at times, that’s why we are also in a lookout for any MacPaw discount codes and bundle coupon codes. Bookmark this page for any MacPaw store coupon!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is MacPaw safe?
Certainly. In fact it is recognized by numerous leading Mac blogs through reviews of its products, assuring you that the company is indeed legitimate and safe to purchase products from. Furthermore, its products particularly CleanMyMac 3 has a Safety Database consisting of rules and exceptions which is constantly updated to ensure that it avoids deleting files that essential to the user.

I am a student. Can I avail of a discount from MacPaw?
Yes, you can. They offer 30% discount for students, given that you have a .edu e-mail address provided by your institution.

How to apply coupons from MacPaw?
Follow these simple steps as soon as you have seen a coupon code on our site!

1. Visit the MacPaw store Page at
2. Click “Get Coupon” button and depending on the type of promotion it will be available either via the certain link or a coupon code.
3. The price will automatically adjust to the amount of discount given by the promo code. Enjoy!