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Electronic technology such as our mobile phones has made secrets to be kept easily. For children, it becomes relatively easier to keep any monkey business from their parents because of the security features that a smartphone has–face detector, fingerprint scan, passcode lock, and the like. Which is why parents find it worrisome for their children to have mobile phone in the first place, if not for communication and emergency purposes. It is because they lose control over the activities their children do the moment their eyes are already glued on their smartphones.

On the other hand, employees may tend to abuse their privileges by making calls and other activities that are completely unrelated to the company. You might also wonder why you always end up paying for more on phone plans when the workload to process through a smartphone.  Or worse, they may share sensitive and confidential information without prior permission. All of these scenarios may happen without your knowledge if you keep them unguarded.

But not anymore with mSpy, a 100% undetectable mobile phone and computer monitoring tools designed for concerned parents and business owners like you. It covers not only basic, but also advanced and unique features that will help parents and business owners to keep an eye on their children and employees respectively.
Compatible With Most Popular Operating Systems On Mobile And PC
It works on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. Furthermore, all of the features mSpy has may be appreciated if the devices to be tracked are jailbroken or rooted. Nevertheless, if a parent or a business owner decides to only monitor the basics such as calls, texts, and browsing history, a non-rooted or non-jailbroken phone may still work with mSpy.
Know Their Real-Time Location Whenever You Need It
Does your child keeps on going home late? Does one of your employees called in sick but found out s/he was just in a bar? Know where they are with mSpy’s GPS location tracker. mSpy is also made better with a feature called geo fencing, where it presents an accurate location through a virtual perimeter where the person to be monitored is currently in.
Flexible Prices And Terms – So You Can Pay Only For What You Need To Monitor
Choose from different packages that may suit your preference and budget. There are three (3) types to choose from: Phone, Desktop, and Family. Each package is further classified into three—Basic, Premium, and Bundle Kit—where a customer may easily compare which features s/he should only use. To enjoy all of the features of this  ultimate monitoring tool, subscribe with Premium for $16.65/mo or less with discount coupons we provide in this page.
Tools To Save Your Children From Being Cyberbullied
Social networking sites has been a main avenue for cyberbullying and other unpleasant behavior that a child may pick up through excessive exposure to social media without any parental guidance. mSpy takes care of that through its social media and instant messaging features which could effectively monitor websites such as Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, etc. including the media files shared as well as timestamps it was sent in any of these applications.
Keep Them From Browsing Unnecessary Websites
Do you need them to be productive at work? Do you need your kids to focus on their upcoming tests? Worry no more with mSpy’s ability to block websites so they can focus on what they need to do. Additionally, you will be alerted when your children or employees come across websites that may have rude and offensive content as mSpy detects these.
Features That Set mSpy Apart From Others
A web control panel that allows you to view all the activities you subscribed a monitored device to. Moreover, the interface of the phone application has an option to be made visible; most of the time, it is kept hidden and undetectable. mSpy also generates reports for customers with more than one (1) device to monitor. It is essentially helpful for parents with more than one child or business owners with a handful of employees.
mSpy In Partnership With
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Frequently Asked Questions:


How does mSpy work?

It works by collecting any data gathered in the device subject for monitoring, then immediately appears on the web control panel for viewing.

Is mSpy legal?

Certainly! It has specially stated in its terms and conditions that mSpy is intended to be used in legal purposes only. Such terms have helped them become established and a leader in mobile monitoring services.

Is mSpy undetectable?

No, it is not. In fact, it can even be installed remotely.

How much is mSpy?

mSpy has flexible plans to choose from depending on your needs—Phone, Desktop, and Family; for Phone plans: Basic starts at $8.33/mo, Premium starts at $16.65/mo, and Bundle kit starts at $19.17/mo. Initially, you may opt to sign up for a trial to see if mSpy works for you on a long-term basis.