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Bill Simmons is that kind of guy everyone in sports knows. Whether you are an athlete or you like watching sports, you probably know who he is. If you have no clue, you should know that sports could be his biggest passion, while some of his brand collaborations have turned it into an Internet sensation as well.

Who is Bill Simmons?

Born in 1969, Bill Simmons has gained notoriety with his popular website The Boston Sports Guy. In 2001, he made it to ESPN and worked there until 2015. He created The Ringer in 2016. The Ringer is a mix between a podcast network and a website – all about sports and pop culture. You have fun, live results, entertainment, comments and so on.

Now, what makes Bill Simmons such a popular guy? The way he talks and writes about things is clearly unique. He compares sports to pop artists and mixes his unrelated personal life in, not to mention the actual facts and knowledge. It is fun, it is exciting and it is informative – what else can you ask for? Right – a Bill Simmons SeatGeek promo code.

Behind Bill Simmons and SeatGeek

SeatGeek is currently one of the most sensational ticket buying platforms over the Internet. It may not be the biggest network out there – or at least not yet. However, it has become the official selling platforms for many sports teams.

Simply put, you can search for a particular event – a theater play, a Rihanna concert or a Lakers game – and you will find deals from thousands of other sources. You can compare them – as well as the seats – and determine the optimal deal. You get good value for money, but you also find tickets that are sold out.

Now, as if all these were not enough, using a SeatGeek promo code Bill Simmons will also give you a discount on your purchase. Can it get any better?

Where to find your Bill Simmons SeatGeek code

The Bill Simmons SeatGeek brings in lots of stuff – a good podcast with comments, an event and a discount code. You probably imagine that following Bill Simmons everywhere is the optimal way to find a code – not really. Unlike Internet celebrities, Bill Simmons has different ways to share discounts.

Most importantly, his podcast over The Ringer will give you all the codes you need – SeatGeek and other brands or companies too. Simply listen to it and get ready to write down any valuable codes.

There is nothing to worry about if you work a lot or you simply miss the podcast sometimes. The Bill Simmons SeatGeek promo is often shared on the official The Ringer website too – plus, other websites take it over and share it.

In the end, the best way to take advantage of this SeatGeek Bill Simmons colab is to know what kind of event you want to attend early – give yourself more time to hunt for a good code.

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