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StubHub Wisconsin Badgers basketball Games 2022-2023

The team will play in December 2022 and 2023. The schedule has already been drawn up By the way, January 2023 will be quite an active month for the team in which 7 games are planned. In general, the schedule of games with the participation of the team is known until March 12, 2023. Tickets are being sold very actively, especially for the spring games. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance so as not to miss the game of your favorite team.

StubHub Wisconsin Badgers basketball Best Players

The selection of players for the team is very thorough. Many people write that it is very difficult to become a member of this team Among the most talented and memorable players-Greg Stiemsma, Brad Sellers, Wes Matthews, Devin Harris, and Michael Finley. Sports critics often say that it was Michael Finley who managed to form the main success of the team and even teach his colleagues a lot.

StubHub Wisconsin Badgers basketball Questions & Answers

Who are the Badgers’ biggest rivals?

They have the greatest rivalry with the Minnesota Golden Gophers team

How to get Badger basketball tickets?

Tickets can also be bought by team representatives on various online platforms

How much are Badger basketball game tickets?

The cost starts from $ 40

StubHub Wisconsin Badgers basketball History

“Wisconsin Badgers” is a team that all basketball fans know about. The team performs within the Big Ten, of course, this speaks about its professionalism. This is a very strong team that undoubtedly occupies a significant place in world basketball. Initially, some sports experts did not rate the teams very highly, but this period will end quickly and everyone saw that the players are very focused and successful. This team belongs to the NCAA Division 1 and usually plays its home games in Madison, the American state of Wisconsin. This team is one of the brightest representatives of college basketball in the world. In some countries, it is considered that college basketball is much inferior to professional basketball, but this team successfully refutes such statements. The team is confidently staying in the TOP 50 best teams. The history of the team began a long time ago, in 1898. The first coach was James K. Els, who had a great influence on the future of the team as a whole. However, according to most sports experts, the coach named Walter Meanwell still had the maximum impact on the team. The period with this coach was very successful, the players respected him and listened to him even though the coach was very demanding and sometimes tough. The team’s rating has always been good and has not fallen even during periods of failure. The players of this team have always attracted the maximum number of fans because the matches with the participation of this team have always been characterized by maximum attendance. By the way, the period from 1934 to 1959 was also significant for the team. During this period, the team was coached by Bud Foster, who was a former professional basketball player. In the first season after taking over as coach, he managed to lead the team to the championship. And in 1941, it was he who led the team to the only NCAA championship in the history of existence. At the moment, the team is playing at a fairly good level but is constantly working to improve professionalism. The team is still among the best and most popular. The team’s fans are not only students but also basketball fans of different ages.


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