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StubHub Lightning Bolt Concert Tour 2023

So far, the musical group has not announced tour dates for 2023, but presumably, the dates will be announced in early January. Music critics believe that in order to maintain their popularity, the band must go on tour and do it in the near future. Many experts are sure that a long lull greatly harms the rating of the musical group. So, as soon as the tickets go on sale, you will be able to buy them both from the official representatives of the group and on various online services.

StubHub Lightning Bolt Concert Tour Albums

At the moment, the team has recorded eight albums. It cannot be said that all albums were equally successful, but there is no doubt that with each new work the band improved its professionalism and became more and more recognizable in many countries. At the moment, the band’s latest album is the 2019 album titled Sonic Citadel. This album did not become popular immediately, it took time to please the public. Now, at their concerts, musicians traditionally perform many songs from this album. In general, the concert programs of the musical group are always very diverse and include songs from different years from different albums.

StubHub Lightning Bolt  Questions & Answers

Are tickets for Lightning Bolt cheap?

The price depends on the scale of the concert and the choice of venue. On average, prices start from $ 150

Is Lightning Bolt popular?

Yes, the band is popular, but among a certain contingent of listeners

StubHub Lightning Bolt Bio

Lightning Bolt is a band from Rhode Island that consists of two members Brian Chippendale (drummer) and Brian Gibson (bassist). If you read various sources, then noise rock is most often written about the music they play. Perhaps this is a close description of the present. Lightning Bolt is an explosive rhythm that clings to the distorted sound of a bass guitar and together they break through foam walls, in spite of the traditional perception of music.

Brian Gibson is the bassist. He plays a slightly modified instrument – the first string of the bass is a banjo string.

Brian Chippendale is the drummer and vocalist of LB. He sings into a microphone pulled out of a phone handset and attached to a mask (he wears a knitted mask to concerts), the voice is processed through an effects processor, and sometimes it is difficult to make out even the words. The lyrics are mostly simple, they are dedicated to anarchy, animals, ghosts, and superheroes. When playing, he “tries to fill every piece in the space with blows” that produce an indelible

impression. Unfortunately, Brian Ch. There are big problems with hearing due to the fact that the sound level at concerts always exceeds 3000 watts. (I can hardly imagine such a sound level).

Live performances of the Lightning Bolt band are also not quite usual. The musicians are not located on the stage, as is customary, but in the hall in the crowd. They start playing unexpectedly, sometimes a few seconds after the previous group. And how they begin! Their concerts are like the strongest madness of the mind, the sound is so thick and dense that amateur video cameras swallow only low-frequency waves. And the people standing around the musicians close in a very narrow circle, leaving the musicians little free space.

To date, the band has 6 albums. The sound on them is not ordinary either – the first album was recorded entirely at live performances, and half of the tracks on Hypermagic Mountain were recorded at home. All this gives the recordings a special charm, bringing them closer to live sound.

Many who hear this band immediately attribute the label hardcore to it, but this is far from the case. Hardcore LB can be called a stretch, and even then with a huge one. Very few bands are able to play so extremely hard and sharp and at the same time not slide into hardcore, punk, or metal.


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