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Stubhub Museum of Ice Cream NYC Tickets 2022-2023

You will be able to purchase tickets to the museum at various sites online, including on StubHub. You can also purchase a gift card for the purchase of a ticket so that a person can choose the dates that are convenient for him. You can also reserve a ticket for the day when certain master classes or entertainment will take place. The program is constantly updated on the museum’s website, where you can see the events scheduled for each day. Follow the announcements and the program because, during the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year, changes may be made to the program.

Stubhub Museum of Ice Cream NYC Activities

Do not think that in the museum you will only be able to look at the exhibits and different types of ice cream, this is not so. The museum has a lot of interesting master classes in which it will be interesting for both adults and children to take part. For example, workshops on making different types of ice cream are very popular. After that, you will be able to try what you managed to do! Also, other entertainment events are often held on the territory of the museum dedicated to a particular date

Stubhub Museum of Ice Cream NYC Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to go to the Museum of ice cream NYC?

The cost does not exceed 50 dollars

How long does it take to go through the ice cream Museum in NYC?

An hour or an hour and a half is enough to explore the entire museum

Who owns the museum of ice cream NYC?

The owner is Maryelis Bun, at the same time Bun is the founder of the museum

Stubhub Museum of Ice Cream NYC About

The Ice Cream Museum in New York (MOIC) is completely dedicated to this wonderful delicacy. The various zones of the museum have a thematic design and stimulate all the senses. In the Museum of Ice Cream, according to its creators, concepts and dreams are embodied in spaces that awaken imagination and creativity. In my opinion, this is a real paradise for lovers of this famous dessert. You will see works of art on the theme of ice cream, learn about its history and, of course, you will be able to taste this delicacy! Come to the Museum of Ice Cream in New York to take a great photo with a sweet dessert for Instagram. By the way, although this place is called a museum, first of all, you can get a full range of impressions here. The Ice Cream Museum (MOIC) consists of 13 halls, where there is always something new on the topic of ice cream. Sunday ice cream is distributed in one hall, and multicolored mirrors are installed in the other. Walking through this hall, you will find all kinds of photogenic corners, seats, colorful walls, and all kinds of activities where ice cream is undoubtedly the center of attention. In the next hall, ice cream is distributed again, and the last highlight of the museum is a bath filled with colorful splashes. If all this ice cream has not yet made you feel like a child again, then a three-story slide will surely help. The Ice Cream Museum is perhaps best described as a playground for adults!


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