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StubHub p1Harmony Tour Dates 2022 – 2023

The popular music group recently performed at a festival in Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, and Seoul. The musicians are actively touring in 2022 and do not plan to slow down in 2023. At the moment, the list of cities and countries in which the idols of youth will perform is being clarified. The exact information regarding the musical group’s tour in 2023 will be published in about three weeks. Presumably, in 2023, the group will visit at least five countries, among which of course will be America. As soon as the dates and venues of the concerts become known, you will be able to buy tickets at a bargain price on StubHub.

StubHub p1Harmony  Concert Tour Albums

The first album of the band was released in 2020, so many songs from this record are performed at concerts. In total, the band now has four albums, each of which is successful and each of which has hits. The last album of the band was released in the current year, 2022. It cannot be said that at their concerts the musicians focus only on new work. The playlist of musicians always contains songs from previous albums that harmoniously echo each other.

StubHub p1Harmony Questions & Answers

Is P1Harmony coming to the UK?

In July 2022, the band performed in London, no visits to London are planned until the end of the year. Nevertheless, in 2023, several clubs have already announced that they want to see musicians at their venues. It is not yet known whether a visit to London will fit into the musicians’ schedule.

Is P1Harmony coming to Australia in 2022?

The musicians performed in Sydney in August 2022 and are likely to repeat the visit in 2023. The idea of a second visit to Australia arose after there was a big hype around the band’s concert.

How expensive are P1Harmony tickets?

On average, a ticket costs about a hundred dollars. However, do not forget that the price may vary depending on many factors. In particular, depending on the category of tickets, on the place where the event takes place. Also, a big role is played by a solo concert or other performers taking part in the concert.

StubHub p1Harmony Bio

This is a male group of six members that belong to FNC Entertainment. The musicians debuted in 2020 with the album Disharmony: StandOut. The band became very successful, the songs were liked by listeners from different countries. Music critics predict that in the next five years the band will gain popularity, especially among the European public. In addition to music, the guys are actively engaged in filming various TV projects and series. Each album of the group (there are 4 of them in total) is logical, complete, and designed for a different continent. The band has big plans, the members often say in interviews that they are still only at the beginning of their journey. Presumably, the musicians will release their new album in 2024, and until then they will continue to actively tour supporting previous discs.


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