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StubHub Temple Of The Dog  Tour Dates 2022 – 2023

Unfortunately, the band has no tours or concerts scheduled in 2022. Musicians have a difficult situation with tours in general: they prefer not to tour. Of course, from time to time the band gives individual concerts or takes part in various festivals. However, unfortunately, we are not talking about tours. The team’s plans for 2023 have not yet been outlined. Perhaps the musicians will give several concerts in America or outside the country. Officially, the band broke up many years ago immediately after the release of their only album, however, the band members still give concerts from time to time, which greatly pleases the audience. It is worth noting the fact that today some of the band’s songs are even more popular than they were many years ago. Follow the announcements, if the performances are scheduled, then StubHub will provide you with an excellent opportunity to buy tickets at a bargain price.

StubHub Temple Of The Dog Concert Tour Albums

In the entire history of its existence, the band has released only one album. This happened in 1991. Experts say that this is a “project of one album” and “one tour”. Yes, musicians are not particularly active. The album received different reviews. There were also good opinions and criticism. Unfortunately, the album did not have the effect that the musicians expected and did not bring them worldwide popularity. The sound of the album seemed to some experts not quite standard for rock. However, group d still has fans who consider their first and only album to be very successful.

StubHub Temple Of The Dog Questions & Answers

Did Temple of the Dog ever tour?

The band’s only tour was in 2016

Who is the lead singer for Temple of the Dog?

The vocalist of the band was Chris Cornell

What genre is Temple of the Dog?

The band performs songs in the Rock style.

How many albums did Temple of the Dog sell?

More than a million copies of albums have been sold in America alone

StubHub Temple Of The Dog Bio

Temple Of The Dog is a one–time project of musicians from Seattle created as a tribute to Andrew Wood, who died as a result of a heroin overdose. The band released a single album in 1991, naming it their band. The first recordings were made within a few days. The participants worked at full speed, without any pressure under the guidance of producer Rick Parashar. The musicians remember the atmosphere in the studio as exquisite, and magical. The main composer was Cornell, but they also worked on compositions by Gossard, Ament, and Cameron. The musicians also planned to record cover versions of Wood’s songs. However, they refused to do this, fearing accusations from fans that they were profiting from the memory and death of the musician. The album, titled simply “Temple Of the Dog”, was released on April 16, 1991. The musicians were very pleased with him, claiming that Andy would be proud of these songs.

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