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Stubhub When We Were Young Dates 2023

The organizers of the festival said that the year 2023 will be inimitable and one of the brightest in the history of the event. It is planned that the headliners in 2023 will be Blink-182 and Green Day. The festival starts on October 11 and will last two days. The excitement around the event does not subside even though it is still almost a year away. Tickets are sold out very quickly. There are a small number of tickets left on the secondary markets, so do not postpone the purchase until the last moment. This festival is incredibly popular because the shortage of tickets is a normal phenomenon for this event.

Stubhub When We Were Young Best Performers

Because the style of the festival is quite specific, the groups that perform on stage are far from the pop industry. These are musicians who are popular among EMO fans. The audience was greatly impressed by My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Taking Back Sunday, and other performers. It is known that the organizers are very responsible for inviting certain performers, trying to please the tastes of all visitors. The sound quality and the organization of performances are at a high level, so the artists agree to take part in the event with great pleasure.

Stubhub When We Were Young Questions & Answers

How much are tickets to t When We Were Young festival?

Tickets cost in the range of 250 dollars

Are the tickets for When We Were Young sold out?

In the primary market, tickets for 2023 have already been sold out

How many people can attend the When We Were Young fest?

As a rule, the festival is attended by more than 60 thousand spectators

Stubhub When We Were Young  History

Any music festival is always a celebration. Each festival has its fans, and the event called “When we were Young” has some of the most devoted fans. This is a very popular music festival that was first held in 2017. The festival is very unusual, and bright, attracting a lot of attention not only from Americans but also from residents of other countries. The first festival was held in April, at one of the observatories in California. Now the event has changed location and is being held in Nevada. The popularity of the festival surprised even the organizers. Tickets in 2022 were sold out in record time. Therefore, the organizers decided to extend the festival. The decision was right because the fans were enthusiastic about the idea. Unfortunately, the festival was not always accompanied by luck. Either the coronavirus pandemic or bad weather interfered with the event, but the fans were not discouraged. If we talk about the structure of the festival and its orientation, many critics do not agree. Most music critics characterize this festival with the phrase “the nostalgic emo-fest reigns in a new age of pop-punk”. On social networks, many fans of the festival call it “emo Fyre-fest”.This name was also liked by the press and now the event is often called that way. Frankly speaking, in addition to fans, the festival also has detractors. From the very beginning, many skeptics did not believe in the success of this event and believed that the festival had no future. However, skeptical forecasts have not come true and the festival has every chance to become one of the most popular. The cancellation of one festival day due to the weather in 2022 led to a mass of skeptical articles on the topic “Will the festival justify the trust of fans ? “. However, the second day of the festival became triumphant and silenced many skeptics.

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