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U2 StubHub Tour Dates 2022 – 2023

For about 4 years, the band did not give concerts. Some fans even believed that the cult band would no longer perform and ended their career. This is partly true. indeed, the musicians put an end to their work and decided that they had done enough for the audience at the moment. Nevertheless, not everything is so clear. It is known that in 2023 fans of the band will be able to hear their songs again. The band will give a large-scale concert on the occasion of the opening of MSG in Las Vegas. This news caused a big stir among fans of musicians. As always, the musicians will give a live concert.  And this is not the only concert of the band scheduled for 2023. The dates of all performances will be announced soon.

U2 StubHub Concert Tour Albums

The band has 14 studio albums, the last of which was recorded in 2-17. In each of their performances, the band tries to include songs from different years in the playlist.  In the last concerts of the band, there was no promotion of a specific album. even after the release of the last album under the name Songs of Experience, songs even from the first albums were featured in every concert. The musicians never forgot that it was the first record that brought them worldwide fame.   The first album of the cult band was released in 1980. The album was called Boy and received platinum status.

U2 StubHub Questions & Answers

Is U2 touring the UK in 2022?

No, the musicians did not perform in 2022, but they plan to perform in 2023.

Did U2 stop touring?

The last large-scale tour of the band took place in 2019. Many fans call this tour a farewell

Why did U2 stop making music?

There are several answers to this question, one of which is the lack of energy to create, and creative fatigue.

U2  StubHub Bio

“U2” is an Irish rock band, the world record holder for the number of Grammy awards (22 statuettes according to 2018 data). She has sold more than 170 million copies of her albums and is ranked 22nd in the list of the “100 greatest artists of all time” according to the popular magazine “Rolling Stone”.The first 2 albums – “Boy” and “October” were influenced by teenage fears and religious views of the participants. Even though due to the “unpolished” of the group, they are considered the weakest in its history, they showed its potential and interested Anton Corbin, a photographer and music video maker who worked with Depeche Mode and Joy Division. The result was long-term cooperation that seriously affected the image of the group. In 2005, the band appeared in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”, and in 2006 received Grammy Awards in all 5 categories in which it was nominated. In the same year, they released their autobiography “U2 by U2”.In 2013, the band released the soundtrack to the film “Mandela: The Long Road to Freedom”. The track “Ordinary Love”, written in honor of Nelson Mandela, won a Golden Globe in 2014 and was nominated for an Oscar.

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