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WVU Symphony Orchestra Stubhub Dates 2022-2023

In the fall of 2022, about the reason for the reconstruction of the Clay Theater, concerts are given at the Antoinette E. Falbo Theater. Presumably, it is in that theater that concerts will take place until the spring of 2023. In the spring, the symphony orchestra intends to go to Lewisburg where it will give a big concert at Carnegie Hall. It should be noted that in the current season, fans of the collective’s creativity waited for soprano Hope Keller to return to the stage as a soloist. The next concert of the orchestra will be held on November 17, 2022, the famous saxophonist Jeffrey Siegfried will join the concert

WVU Symphony Orchestra Stubhub Best Performances

A lot of works performed by this symphony orchestra are very popular. In particular, the audience likes the performance of Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Symphony no. 3 “Pastorale”. Many critics call the performance of this work by the orchestra virtuoso. Also very popular are the works of the composer John Beall, which the orchestra also plans to play in the spring. There are a lot of positive reviews at the moment about William Grant Still’s Afro-American Symphony, which the orchestra performs in the fall of 2022. In principle, the orchestra has managed to popularize many classical casts among young people and this is one of the great advantages of this collective.

WVU Symphony Orchestra Stubhub Questions & Answers

How long is a symphony orchestra performance?

Depending on the program from one and a half hours to two

What do you wear to an orchestra show?

Classic style and cocktail dresses are acceptable.

WVU Symphony Orchestra Stubhub History

Classical music never goes out of fashion, it has been giving joy to real connoisseurs of beauty for a century. Perhaps that is why the concerts of the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra have always enjoyed and continue to enjoy such popularity. This is a professional orchestra, the performances of the collective can most often be heard in Charleston, but the orchestra also tours different countries. Every year the orchestra gives many concerts, and the number of performances, as a rule, exceeds 50. The only exceptions were the years in which concerts were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The orchestra has a very diverse program that is designed for different age categories. For example, in addition to the classical repertoire, there is a choir and a special program for young people. The orchestra’s history began many years ago, in 1939, but the official registration of the orchestra took place in 1940. The creation of the orchestra was approached with seriousness: together with the orchestra, a special committee was organized to support it. The first conductor of the famous orchestra was William R. Viant. Many believe that he became the founder of a special manner of performance, which distinguished the orchestra from its competitors. However, in 42, this conductor was forced to leave his job, and Antonio Modarelli took his place. This conductor led the orchestra for seven years and undoubtedly left an unforgettable mark in the history of the musical collective. In 1943, the name of the orchestra changed, it became known as the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. Throughout the history of the orchestra, conductors and musicians have changed in it, but the style of performance and the incredible atmosphere at concerts remains the same to this day. Perhaps this is the secret of the invariable full houses of the symphony orchestra. In 2003, the orchestra became known as the West Virginia Orchestra. To date, concerts of this orchestra have been successfully held not only in America but also in many other countries of the world.


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