The new generation of custom essay writing sites is here. Ultius is a vivid example of a service that soaked up every best feature this business has to offer, refined it, updated with own ideas and introduced to the market. In the end we have a good old custom writing site on one the hand and a bunch of innovative solutions on the other.

An ambitious novice with a monthly growing clientele

With hand on heart, more and more students prefer services like Ultius. Is it because site’s experts understand what a client needs? Is it because site’s experts understand what teachers and lecturers need? Or is it because getting an all-new essay in less than five hours has been made so affordable?

Perhaps, the origins of popularity lie on the intersections of all these three factors plus additional ones like a comfy payment system, confidentiality, round-the-clock accessibility and fulminant responses to students’ orders and queries.

Customization can be flexible

In the world of custom essays everything always bears against the price. A student can’t pay more, a writer refuses to write for less. But today those times seem to vanish into history.

The thing is – as a client you can tune your order as thoroughly as you need. Why bother hiring a top-class writer and paying more, if it is an essay in the minor you seek where a standard writer will do just great? Yesterday such option was unavailable. Today the price can be lowered as easy as that.

The competitive edge? Low price. High output

To win the hearts of students, a low price is not enough. Content level has to be on a remarkable level no matter what.

Ultius is known to hire writers of different skill and aptitude and then assigning them according to clients’ order specifications where the price factor plays a key part. A more experienced writer copes with a task that costs more than average. A less experience writer copes with an order where a student needs nothing special and non-standard.

It is hard to judge whether such method is reasonable. But as of today, the satisfaction rate among customers is rather high – more than 85%.

If you were to choose the service, these would be your driving reasons to

  • Seductive price-quality ratio
  • Every writer holds a degree in a certain field
  • No matter the type of paper, plot is always authentic
  • The minimal writing skill-set is required (even for easy tasks like articles or book reviews)
  • Deep customization options to get the result you needed from the start

Of Customer Support and few extra goodies

After five seconds on the site the Support live-chat interface pops up in the right bottom corner of the web-page. Type in your question and have your response within a minute. Comfy.

In addition to, you can make a call to a 24-7 hotline which is absolutely free.

As far as pleasant extras go, Ultius provide you with two weeks of free revisions. Need changes to the final copy? No problem. Samples of various paper types to get your creative juices flowing are available as well.

To sum up, the service is good. Not without a flaw but its potential is seen miles ahead. If not to use today, definitely the one to watch tomorrow.Thumbs up.