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Stubhub Lollapalooza Festival Dates 2022-2023

In 2023, the world-famous festival will take place from 3 to 6 August. Tickets will go on sale in advance and they can be purchased at various online ticket sales services. In 2023, the organizers plan to present to the audience the most dynamic and diverse program designed for all age categories of viewers. The festival of 223 is announced as an event full of various surprises and surprises.

Stubhub Lollapalooza Festival  Best Performers

Every year the best artists in different genres are presented at the festival. Initially, the festival differed from many competitors in the variety of the playlist. The organizers always think carefully about the concert program. So, in 2022, such artists as Jazmine Sullivan, Black Coffee, and Metallica made the greatest impression on the audience. The performances of Billy Strings, Zhu, Manchester Orchestra, Ashnikko, and Still Woozy were also received with delight. Dua Lipa and many other world music stars also performed at the festival.

Stubhub Lollapalooza Festival Questions & Answers

Where is Lollapalooza?

The festival takes place in Illinois

How Many People Attend Lollapalooza?

The event is annually attended by more than 400 thousand people

Stubhub Lollapalooza Festival  History

Lollapalooza was founded by Jane’s Addiction vocalist Perry Farrell. Before the craze for an alternative rock of the 1990s, Jane’s Addiction formed in 1986, but suddenly disbanded after the release of their second album Ritual de lo Habitual in 1990. Pharrell organized a massive music festival for the band’s farewell performance with other rock bands. as artists playing in a variety of genres, and guests, including Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nine Inch Nails, Ice-T, Body Count, Henry Rollins, and others. Pharrell also proposed it as a touring festival traveling across the United States and Canada and offering a variety of entertainment besides music, such as technical shows and a circus. The name he chose is a 19th-century slang term in US English meaning “unique and unusual.”

Lollapalooza was a success from the very beginning, starting with that first concert in 1991 and marking the revival of alternative rock along with the seminal album Nirvana Nevermind. Music lovers were attracted by the idea of a festival without restrictions and any restrictions on the composition, starting from already established rock bands and ending with beginners. In 2020, SPIN magazine called Lollapalooza an opportunity that made alternative rock popular in the 1990s and emphasized that it marked the beginning of a modern American music festival. Pharrell effectively enriched a whole new musical experience for young people with the remnants of his old band and watched the fantastic flourishing of concerts in the city center. With such a rich history, the festival also faced a crisis. Lollapalooza quickly lost its luster in the early 1990s, when alternative rock became mainstream, and festival after festival sprang up around it. They had a policy of booking bands below a certain level of recognition, but this was broken when Metallica took the stage in 1996. The festival was also completely canceled in 1998 when they failed to find a suitable headliner. Lollapalooza got back on its feet in 2003, when Pharrell returned after leaving the planning committee in 1996, thanks to his efforts, the festival toured 30 cities and successfully attracted the attention of investors. The festival is currently a major music event in Chicago every year.

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